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Professional Satellite Installation Swansea

Our rigorous training program combined with our wealth of experience gained from providing satellite installation and repair services in Swansea and throughout South Wales, has placed us at the forefront of the digital revolution and the latest in digital satellite technology.

We specialize in taking on special heights installations that other Swansea Aerial and Satellite installers will decline and refuse to do. Nevertheless, we are just as happy when supplying and fitting a Freesat satellite system or providing a motorised dish system for foreign language TV.

Satellite Repairs or Installation

No job is too large or too small! So if you need a simple satellite repair, a new LNB or an intricate commercial installation then please feel free to give us a call because we can fix your problem. Our teams of TV aerial & satellite installers in Swansea and across South Wales are working in your community today so give us a ring.

If you’re in Swansea, call our Satellite Specialists to resolve your satellite issues

The Satellites team of expert engineers here at Signal Kings are ready 7 days a week to help businesses and residents across Sout Wales enjoy the best that the various satellite systems can offer. So if you have any of the satellite systems listed below and require help with an installation or desperately need a quick repair, we are the people to call.

Sky TV

Non-UK based satellite service providers, including Arabic


As with all satellite systems, it all starts with the dish. We can supply and install yours, choosing a location that gets you a great reception and doesn’t annoy the neighbours. As well as satellite dish installations, we’re also the people to call if you need help setting up set-top boxes and multi-room services for any of the above satellite providers. We can supply all the hardware and software too, making it easy for you to get your satellite system installed and up and running. All it takes is one call to us. And because we’re open 7 days a week, chances are, wherever you are in South Wales, you’ll be able to book an appointment with us much more quickly than with other companies. Give us a try! Our number is 07378889122.

Same Day Satellite Set-Up

That’s always our goal, and 95% of the time, we achieve it. Thanks to the expertise of our technicians and their willingness to tackle even the trickiest jobs that other companies might refuse for being too high up or too difficult to reach.

Enjoy Multi-Room Satellite Services

Enable more of the family (or your colleagues) to access satellite services in different rooms at the same time. The Signal Kings Ltd team can handle all the wiring and socket replacement work you’re likely to need to enjoy services like Sky Multi-Room. And we can supply the extra set-top boxes you’ll need. Just give us a call.

We repair satellite services across South Wales

Even though satellite dishes are designed to be able to withstand a battering from the elements, sometimes storm damage and high winds are just too much for them to bear, and they are knocked out of action. That will, of course, affect the satellite service you receive through your TV. When that happens, it’s time to call in the Signal Kings Ltd team. Our engineers are experienced at fixing all kinds of faults, and not just with satellite dishes. We can help when you get problems with your set-top boxes or any of the associated wires and sockets. Plenty of satellite customers in Swansea have come to rely on us as their first port of call for satellite repairs. Why not see why they rate us so highly?

Our Satellite TV Support and Maintenance Service

If you’re looking to get your satellite set-up checked regularly, our Support and Maintenance service is definitely for you. For an annual fee, we will inspect your satellite equipment four times a year and recommend any changes or upgrades to improve your service.

Digital TV and Satellite Equipment Installers Swansea

Reliable, Cost Effective and Professional Installation of TV Aerial and Satellite Equipment , providing the best quality signal for your property.

Professional & Experienced

Everyone who works for us must have significant industry experience and a proven track record.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our Dynamic workforce, can repond quickly and resolve your emergency on the first visit.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our outstanding performance record, client feedback and reputation.

Independently Run

Signal Kings Ltd is independently owned, which mean that we can offer unbiased recommendations

Ongoing Support

We support our clients even after installation. If your system needs adjustment, repair or an upgrade, we hope you call us first!

Complete Service to all Areas

Within our defined services area, we cover all potential customers and won't refuse a job because of the size, location or complexity!

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